Q: Where are you based and are you willing to travel?

A: I’m based in Birmingham, Alabama and I’m all for a good trip! Let me know where your wedding will be, or where you want to capture your session, and I’ll be there. Travel fees apply. 

Q: How far in advance do you book weddings and other shoots?

A: If you’re considering to Elope and are getting married quickly, contact me as soon as possible.

If you’re planning to send out save-the-dates and need an engagement photos, you should book your date at least 8 months out to avoid a rush fee and ensure your photos are ready in time to order, address, and send your save-the-dates 6 months out.

Most people book 9-18 months in advance. However, my prices may change and the prices include on the Package Guide you received are only valid for 1 month. I will do my best to contact all pending inquiries if my prices will be changing soon, but there is no guarantee I will be able to connect everyone. 

Q: What if I’ve never done a photoshoot before, or hate being in front of the camera?

A: Trust me, you’re not that first! During our consultation and before the start of our first session, I walk through the process of a photoshoot and let you know exactly what to expect. I’ll also give you all the tips and tricks for flattering images and things to help ease the awkwardness of posing in front of the camera. 

Q: Can you make me skinnier in the photos? Tanner? 

A: I’m happy to do some digital pimple-popping, and I know all tips and tricks for flattering angles. But I do not do major photo manipulations or change the natural appearance of the subjects. 

If needed, I can outsource that service to an approved vendor with an additional fee. I don’t allow the final images to be adjusted by anyone other than approved vendors.

Q: Can I book a film session?

A: As of right now, while I am practicing and perfecting my film photography skill and equipment collection – I am only booking digital sessions. I’m planning to offer film sessions at the start of 2021. 

If your wedding date is in 2021, you will have the option to upgrade to a film collection if you wish. In the meanwhile, I’m sampling film images from each session I do in 2020.

Q: How many photos will I get?

A: Amount of photos depends many circumstances throughout the day, but weddings galleries can usually expect about 100 photos per hour. Portrait session galleries can expect about 60 images per hour. 

Q: Are wedding packages customizable? Once I pick a package, is it set in stone? 

A: Once you book a package, you can certainly add on or upgrade if you realize you need more coverage or want to take advantage or what another offers. However, you may not downgrade packages. 

If the package you’re interested in offers something you do not need (for example, you already had your engagement photos done) then we can adjust the price, or switch it out for a similarly priced item. Note that each package is bundled and discounted a certain amount, so each price adjustment just be confirmed and finalized by me.

Q: Why do I need an additional photographer? How do you pick your second-shooters?

A: A second shooter is crucial for 3 things – to be in places capturing one thing while I’m capturing another, to capture different angles with different lenses during the portraits session and ceremonies, to ensure back-up in case my camera equipment malfunctions or something major happens during a big moment.

I pick my second-shooters based off of the equipment they use, their skill, and our working compatibility. My husband is usually my go-to second shooter, but I will also reach out to other photographers that I know when necessary.  

Q: I’m also looking for an xyz for the wedding day – do you have any recommendations?

A: I do have some favorite vendors that do great work and that I love working with! I’m happy to send my suggestions to ensure you have a wonderful wedding day. 

Q: How do you handle the day-of timeline?

A: I build the photography timeline a couple months after booking so that you begin to coordinate with other vendors. If you have a wedding planner booked they will incorporate my timeline into their master timeline for all vendors. 

Q: What about those stunning details shots? Will the ribbon and plating and things!

A: I have a collection of items such as fabrics, ribbon, velvet ring boxes, all in different colors to match your wedding theme! I use these to accent whatever special pieces you want captured as a part of your wedding day. 

Q: How do you back up your images?

A: While I’m shooting – My camera body had dual SD cartridges, which means I immediately acquire two copies of the images, just in case one card malfunctions. I keep my SD card holder on me (like, hooked to my belt loop, stuffed in my pockets) to ensure the images do not get lost, stolen, or misplaced. 

Immediately after the wedding – As soon as I get to my laptop I start uploading the images from the day. I keep the backup SD card put away in a box until the entire gallery is signed, sealed, and delivered. 

After gallery delivery – Once the gallery is delivered, you should download your photos immediately. The gallery will typically expire after a month. However, I keep backup all of sessions on my external hard drives where they forever unless damaged. I’m happy to resend a gallery if necessary, but am not responsible if images are lost or damaged after the they’ve been initially delivered.

Q: Do you offer payment plans?

A: Yes! There will be a retainer fee due at booking, and after that I have a 4 and 6 payment plan for the remainder of the purchase. 

Q: Do you only photograph weddings, portraits, and fashion? 

A: While I reserve most my calendar for these types of sessions, I am willing to photograph other things if availability allows. For a personal event or unique commercial or lifestyle session request, message me and we can discuss proposal.

Q: Why is photography so expensive?

A: Professional photography is an investment. While photographers differ in pricing, I can vouch that better experience, equipment, and service comes at a higher rate.  I’ve laid out all of my resources here to show you exactly what you’re getting for this price.


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